Sunday, June 7, 2009


American born, Robbie Fields grew up in the London of the 60's. As a teenager, he experienced the underground music "scene" that featured such groups as Pink Floyd, Soft Machine and T. Rex; on occasion he surfaced, playing trumpet in an orchestral performance of Faure's Requiem in Westminster Abbey. Fields spent much of the 70's as a hanger-on in the world of classical ballet, filing freelance reports for the London Guardian newspaper that always got spiked. Finding himself in 1977 Los Angeles, Fields realised an important movement in rock music was developing, spurred on by shows at The Whisky, The Masque and The Starwood. He got involved : first, as a doorman at The Masque, subsequently as a publicist to many of the early punk groups. By January, 1978 Fields was managing the teenage group F-Word!. By June, the group had disbanded and Fields released the posthumous F-Word! Like It Or Not live album. Thus was born the Posh Boy label. In the early 80's, no label was more prolific releasing dozens of punk and new wave groups, many of whom have gone to careers at major labels. Robbie Fields discovered and produced artists ranging from Social Distortion to members of such modern-day bands as dada, David & David, Devo, Redd Kross, Agent Orange, Bad Religion and many others. In recent years, Fields has retired from actively producing bands. He now lives in South Africa.

With Joe Escalante, backstage before a Vandals concert at the Huntridge, Las Vegas, December '97. Posh Boy literally stopped the presses on Rodney On The Roq Vol. III (1982) to add The Vandals' Urban Struggle to the compilation.


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  2. Hi Robbie,
    I am researching the Zanfretta family, and trying to find out more about Josie Dupree, your great grandmother. Can you tell me her birth name, date of birth and death? I can be reached at Thanks ever so much.

  3. Hi Robbie, I recently picked up a vinyl copy of The Siren, the cover looks hand drawn with the bands names rather than the official cover. Can you tell me anything about this or was it just drawn by someone that had a damaged cover? Someone told me that some of these were released this way because the records arrived before the sleeves but I don’t know what’s true. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you! I can be reached at if you would consider taking a moment to let me know. Thanks again, Jefton Wood

  4. All the Posh Boy releases that i have managed to get over the years, really made a huge impact on me, living so far away from California.